What is Creativity?

An introduction to creative thinking with tips on how you can be more creative in your online marketing campaigns

Be more creative is a phrase often used within business and marketing with little consideration given to its meaning. SEO and online marketing have seen seismic shifts over the last few years and being creative is now an essential ingredient to online marketing success. But what does it mean to be creative?

What is Creativity? is a 74 page ebook written and illustrated by Shelli Walsh. The book is an introduction to what creative thinking is and nine chapters that define creativity.

The second half of the book asks industry thought leaders the question “What does creativity mean to you?“. Contributors include: Rand Fishkin, Bas Van Den Beld, Lee Odden, Paddy Moogan, Dave Trott, Neil Patel and Chris Brogan.

Shelley Walsh
By Shelley Walsh

Shelli Walsh is a content strategist and creative content producer.

Shelli has 20 years professional creative, marketing and business experience, she speaks at industry conferences and works with clients, from big brands to SMEs, worldwide and in Leeds

Shelli is passionate about distributing information so that others are empowered by knowledge.

She considers the invention of the printing press and the internet as the two most important events in the evolution of mankind.

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